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UI/UX Designer

We are a flexible team of creative people, having Branding, UI/UX Design and Development at the core of our interest and work. Fusing aesthetics with functionality, we aim to contribute to shaping a better world.

We are looking for a UI/UX Designer, willing to thoughtfully bring comprehensive brand identities to the digital world and set identity-informed and functionality-focused style guides to the creation of innovative, user-centered websites, apps, and platforms.

As a member of our UI/UX forces, you will become a part of many and variable projects in close collaboration with designers, copywriters, developers and project managers.

We look past diplomas when it comes to a great portfolio. For the final selection of the person to take on the role, no studentship or diploma is required, so focus on your portfolio.

Our headquarters are located in Athens, Greece, and we are always up for interactive and hands-on collaboration, yet, if you are not a local, we are open to exploring remote working solutions and finding the optimal way of working together.


  • Knowledge of the latest design tools - we currently roll on Figma

  • Perfect understanding & creation of UI designs using effectively-structured and responsive components with attention to detail

  • Skills in crafting compelling narratives and creating immersive storytelling experiences through UI design

  • Ability to leverage visual elements, animations, and micro-interactions to effectively guide users through a brand's story

  • Awareness of interactive design libraries (e.g. Three.js, Animate.js) and resources (e.g. Tympanus Codrops playground) and understanding of their potential applications for effective user experience design

  • Familiarity with UX patterns, passion for UX research and craving for updates in the world of design and innovation

  • Valuing accessibility & acknowledging the difference between comprehensive and compromising design

  • Readiness to conceptualize original, simple and user-friendly solutions to complex design challenges

  • Willingness to share and process feedback & explore and test risky yet innovative UX solutions


  • Posing the right questions and sticking to project timelines set in collaboration with internal and external teams of engineers and stakeholders

  • Developing and presenting design concepts, wireframes and mockups, that effectively communicate brand aesthetics while considering usability and user experience best practices

  • Creating prototypes to showcase innovative ideas and actively support advanced design solutions

  • Closely collaborating with project managers to ensure on-time delivery, copywriters to ensure proper content quality, and developers to proof your design ideas and check technical feasibility standards

  • Focusing on reducing complexity in both design processes and outcome, and proactively resolving design issues via best UX practices

  • Preparing and presenting the above to internal and external teams

Must have

  • UI/UX design portfolio (offline presentations in case of unavailable active projects will also be accepted)

  • Experience in hand-off to development teams (2 projects at least) including all demonstrations and communications necessary (individually or as part of a team)

  • Minimum 2 years of experience in a relevant position

Good to have

  • Basic knowledge or understanding of HTML, CSS, JavaScript

  • Experience with design tokens

  • Experience with user interviews & user testing


  • As an Athens team member, remote working 3 weeks per year to extend your vacation time and smoothen your bounce-back to the city routine, or just switch up your office view for a few days

  • A casual and open working team where you can be yourself and have an impact

  • A monitoring-free work life where trust is valued over transparency as a means of building true, long-term relationships

  • Resources and tools to improve your skill set, practice and processes

  • Collaboration with an agile and restless creative team

  • Mingling with creatives with diverse areas of expertise and cultural backgrounds

  • Discussions, brainstorming sessions, and creative sprints with innovative people on daring ideas

  • Engagement in beyond-seas projects

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